Partnership is our core business model. We provide significant reach and share of voice to our partners brand equities. Our collaboration with our partners comes in different models


  • Co-promotion/marketing
  • Sales force support for diversified brands
  • In licensing of brands

Our partnership covers different stages of product life cycle:


  • Launch of new product line extension
  • New product launch (to increase SOV and reach)
  • Mature brand, continuity of SOV and customers services
  • New market segment or country
  • Innovative branded generics
  • Gain market share for in license


Currently PFS partnership covers the following therapeutic areas:


  • Upper respiratory
  • Ophthalmic
  • Cardiovascular
  • CNS/Depression
  • Wellness
  • Dermalogy
  • Knee / Joint pain

Partnering with PFS will brings the following values to our partners:


  • Drive top line growth by:
    • Giving new energy back to mature brands which otherwise neglected and in steady decline
    • Increasing share of voice of key products in competitive therapeutic categories
    • Improving reach of products in new geographical area or in country
    • Launching new brands or line extensions of mature brands
    • Increase market penetration to increase market share


  • Improve Profitability by
    • Stopping and reversing the decline of mature brands
    • Reducing headcount cost


  • Sales Force Optimization by:
    • Realigning of field force to strategic priorities


  • Strategic thinking
    • Rich marketing capabilities